Things I Worry About: Money

Australia MoneyAs I’ve mentioned, my insomnia is brought about from stress, anxiety and depression.  Even though I have a good job it doesn’t stop me from worrying about money.

I feel that no matter how much I work, money is always a problem for me.  I just can’t make ends meet.

When I first moved to Sydney, I didn’t have a job.  In order to live I applied for a lot of credit cards and lived off of those for a couple of months.  I put everything on credit, I had a boyfriend that lived with me and his income was helpful, but we split up during the first month here and he left me for another woman.  [Read more...]

An Introduction to Insomnia

sleepy ladyI thought I should give everyone a little introduction to what insomnia is, how it effects different people, and dispel some of the myths that revolve around the disorder.

Wikipedia defines insomnia as a sleep disorder where the person is unable to fall asleep or to stay asleep for as long as they’d like. The article goes on to say that insomnia is considered both a medical sign and a symptom that can accompany several disorders that are characterized by persistent difficulty trying to sleep. [Read more...]

Doing Business Valuations in Sydney, a Possible Job Lead

business valuations SydneyAs you know, I have been trying to find a second job in order to make more money to pay off my creditors and afford gifts when it is Christmas time. I think that getting a second job will help relieve a lot of my anxiety, and it may let me worry about one less thing. I get so anxious when I even think about leaving the apartment, I don’t know how I could handle a real job.

I was looking through the local classifieds this weekend for any opportunity that may present itself.  I saw an ad posted for an assistant position at a company that does business valuations in Sydney called Valuator.

It was 3 am and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to do some research on what business valuators do and to see if it would match my skill set. According to Wikipedia a business valuation is a set of procedures that are used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s internet in a business.

Wikipedia goes on to explain that a valuation is used by financial market participants to determine what they are willing to pay or receive if a sale took place.  Business valuations are used to estimate the selling price of a business and to appraise business to resolve disputes.

The company that has the position that I’m thinking about applying for says they value a business based on current profits, current assets, owners’ involvement, future growth potential, industry, management, the economy and finally, the risk to a buyer.

I think that this may be a job I would be interested in.  I enjoy talking about numbers and percentages and all of that. I always enjoyed accounting courses, and I’m very detailed oriented so I would make a good assistant. At least my mom tells me I would make a good assistant.

If I got this job it could solve a lot of my problems.  I could be an assistant during the day and work on my writing job during the night while I can’t sleep. Maybe having a day job will help me actually sleep at night, which would be amazing. Like I mentioned before, more money would be amazing.  Maybe I could even avoid having to fill out the debtor’s petition.

I started taking some pills that are relieving me of my anxiety and making me feel a little braver about getting out of the apartment. This job would be great timing, it might help me make some friends and get out of this funk I’m in.

I just want to feel normal.  I want a real job, I want to go back to school and I want a social life. If I can just get out of the apartment maybe I could start dating again.  I miss having another person around. My therapist says that I just need to be okay being by myself, but I feel like I just need someone around.  My bird isn’t exactly the best company, he doesn’t even talk much.

Things I Worry About: Christmas Trees, Christmas Dinner and Christmas Presents

Christmas trees sydney

Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times of the year, right? Nope, it’s not for me.  Christmas is one of the most stressful and depressing times of the year for me. I hate having to think about all the social obligations that I’m going to have to deal with.

In fact, Christmas is so stressful that I’m already lying awake worrying about it. I know it’s only September but it doesn’t matter to my brain what time of year it is, I’m still going to obsess and worry about it.

My favorite part about Christmas has always been the beauty of the Christmas tree.  No matter what is going on in my life I make sure to buy a tree and decorate it.  It lets me think about a simpler time. During the Christmas season if I get super stressed out, I just relax in my chair and stare at my Christmas tree.

This year I think I’m going to purchase a Christmas tree from a company that sells Christmas trees in Sydney called Christmas Tree Man.  They deliver the tree for free, which is brilliant.  I’m already starting to save every bit of extra money I can to go towards a tree.

Now that I have the tree purchasing figured out I get to worry about Christmas dinner.  My parents have asked me to join them for Christmas. It will be my first Christmas without Greg so it will be nice to be surrounded by family.

Unfortunately, being surrounded by family isn’t the least stressful event.  I’m worried that they are going to judge me for Greg leaving me and about the extra weight I’ve put on from binge eating. Maybe I’ll start a diet so I can lose the weight before Christmas.

Another good thing about going on a diet before Christmas is that it will help me cut down on my cost of food.  That will help me save money for the Christmas tree and presents.

I don’t know how I’m going to get money together for presents. I’m thinking of taking on a second job.  Maybe I can get a holiday job at some department store.  Any bit of extra money will help me get through Christmas.

I would make dough ornaments, but that’s typically something a 5 year old gives. Maybe I can make a sugar scrub, or vanilla extract. Homemade presents can sometimes look pretty cheap, but I plan on making them a little fancier.  Everyone knows my situation so I don’t think they’ll judge me too harshly.

Okay, I have the Christmas tree settled on and I’ve decided to lose weight for the family dinner. Those are two less things that I have to worry about. The last thing I have to work out is the purchasing of presents, but getting a retail job should solve that problem.